Dynamic Discounting

Optimise your liquidity position by investing into your supply chain through TASConnect

Cash-rich corporates can utilise treasury cash to maximise profits by offering early payments to suppliers through dynamic discounting in exchange for discounts on payables.

TASConnect’s Dynamic Discounting module allows:

  • Corporates to pay early to their suppliers for enhanced discounts
  • Corporates to use bank’s funding pool or own surplus cash for optimised working capital efficiency
  • Corporates and their suppliers to agree on the discount rate at invoice level for maximised economic value

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How it works

  • Workflow and rules can be customised based on Client’s business requirements
  • Client has the flexibility to toggle between own surplus cash and bank’s funding pool
  • No funds flow via TASConnect
  • Automated supplier on-boarding and registration is available
  • Advanced business intelligence is provided
  • Full visibility & control of programmes


  • Achieve lower Cost of Goods Sold (COGS) by utilising own excess cash to capture early payment discounts
  • Build resilience of strategic suppliers by providing access to accelerated cashflow
  • Maximise returns via Bid mechanism & Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning based analytics
  • Enhance controls of supply chains by defining rules, supplier base, workflow etc.
  • Boost working capital position
  • Access low-cost funding & flexible terms
  • Streamline onboarding process defined by Anchor client and facilitated by TASConnect
  • Straight-through-processing
  • Enhance efficiency and transparency




Frictionless Finance:

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‘Frictionless Finance’ is a series of strategic point-of-views commissioned by TASConnect and prepared by PwC Singapore.

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