TASConnect and #dltledgers join hands to bring blockchain enabled trade solutions

Manufacturers and large enterprises are under tremendous pressure to ramp up ESG performance, grow employment in their home countries, and diversify supply chain risk. These are profound changes for the industry, and almost impossible to navigate without digital transformation.

In order to help our customers meet the challenge head on, TASConnect and #dltledgers executed Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”) to bring a blockchain enabled class-leading technology solution set to our clients, allowing enterprises to diversify, manage and scale their physical and financial supply chain programmes and operations seamlessly.

“TASConnect is delighted to partner #dltledgers for value-added client solutions” said Kingshuk Ghoshal, co-founder and CEO of TASConnect. “The blockchain based physical supply chain solutions of #dltledgers along with the transformation solutions of TASConnect provide enhanced synergies to our common enterprise clients and banks.”

Besides improving digital transparency for better resilience and agility, the collaboration seeks to enable smart traceability of ESG metrics for compliance and capture needs of clients beyond their enterprise systems to their supply chain ecosystems.

“#dltledgers is working with large enterprises to digitalise their physical, transactional and financial supply chain. We are excited to announce our partnership with TASConnect as they bring added capabilities that our Customers’ often require around working capital finance across Financial Supply Chain.” said Farooq Siddiqi, CEO of #dltledgers. “With ready-to-use apps across Manufacturing, Banking and Finance, Commodities and Logistics, we are excited to jointly position Sustainability Visibility and Financing Apps to our joint customers working with talented TASConnect team.”



About TASConnect

Headquartered in Singapore, TASConnect is a wholly owned subsidiary of SC Ventures Holdings Limited and incubated through SC Ventures – Standard Chartered’s innovation, fintech investment and ventures arm. We are a leading working capital solutions platform connecting complex enterprise ecosystems to deliver economic value with end-to-end visibility and control. We are firm believers in the principles of co-creation and collaboration with our clients.

For more information, please visit http://www.tasconnect.com


About #dltledgers

#dltledgers, headquartered in Singapore, is a “no-code” expanded supply chain and digitization platform which uses blockchain technology to deliver industry-leading multi-enterprise supply chain business networks (MESCBNs). The platform focuses on “Digitization, Collaboration, and Authentication,” focused on delivering three key pillars of trust, privacy, and security. Over 4,000 businesses use the platform, participating in, financing, or supporting cross-border trades and executing over $4 bn-worth of transactions. #dltledgers’ integrated digital solution delivers transparency, visibility & adequate risk monitoring in real-time. Our clients are mainly large international trading firms, corporates, supply chain firms, and banks.

For more information, please visit http://www.dltledgers.com

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