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Corporate clients today are looking at Financial Institutions for services beyond working capital solutions such as the ways to speed up the onboarding and financing approval processes, ensure sufficient liquidity available in the value-chains, enable real-time visibility on their limit utilisation and transactions, and many more.

Therefore, Financial Institutions are evolving to cater to these requirements by upgrading the solutions and technology. TASConnect ensures that such goals are achievable.

Our solutions include end-to-end digitalisation, enhanced value-chain risk management, provision of value-added services, and AI powered data analytics. Our platform helps you adapt to the new ways of working in an agile, cost-effective, and sustainable manner, as well as provide access to the wider ecosystem service providers.

A partnership approach for long-term growth

The TASConnect platform has been working closely with Financial Institutions to address the gaps in supply chain finance, based on the market research and understanding of the factors that impact the interactions among corporate clients, financial institutions and other ecosystem partners.

Check out how corporates view the role of banks and the expectations of services delivered by institutions in supply chain finance here:

Point-of view series of Frictionless Finance prepared by PwC Singapore


Key challenges faced by anchors while working with financial institutions for Supply Chain Finance

Delay in financing and payments and the ability to scale programmes owing to operational constraints

Poor visibility and collaboration between banks, suppliers/buyers and anchors

Lack of real-time analytics for forward planning

Limited flexibility and reach to address financing needs in multiple markets

Lack of transparency of transaction flows for supplementing financing decisions

Main value propositions brought by technology platforms compared to banks’ proprietary systems

1.Finance Accounts Payable (AP) and Accounts Receivable (AR) through a bank agnostic platform

2.Automate and digitalise financial workflow between anchor and other SCF stakeholders

3.Improve financial planning through real-time analytics

Source: Frictionless Finance - Technology Sector

Delivering value to Financial Institutions

Client Acquisition

Providing financial institutions with new client acquisition and business opportunities by working closely with our client ecosystem partners.

Market Access

Providing financial institutions’ clients with customised platform solutions which cannot be fulfilled by institutions’ proprietary systems.

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