Building Stronger Trade Communities Together

We are only as good as the people we work with. To ensure that the platform keeps evolving and developing further, we actively look to grow our network of experts, innovators and institutions to deliver holistic solutions beyond financing all on a single platform.
By teaming up with TASConnect, you have the opportunity to leverage the collective expertise and domain knowledge towards shared success.

Financial Institutions

We have made significant strides in connecting with a host of banks and financial institutions at international, regional and local level. This has enabled us to provide our Clients access to a wide range of working capital sources. Our global network ensures that we have the ability and reach to facilitate financing for our clients’ entire value chains.

Professional Services

We collaborate closely with leading law firms and consultants that help further our knowledge and processes in supply chain finance product and structuring. Access to the right legal counsel and expert views becomes critical while operating in the global supply chain world.

Third-party technology providers

We partner with technology providers that excel in delivering a broader suite of financial services to Clients, while we create a unified user experience to support a Client’s end-to-end working capital requirements on the TASConnect platform.

Strategic advisors, Financial Experts & Other professionals

We work closely with experts in the field of working capital advisory, corporate strategy and other value-added financial services to tailor-make solutions that help Companies optimise their supply chain finance ecosystem.

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