Frictionless Finance:
Technology Sector

Unlocking value within supply chain ecosystems

Technology supply chains have been upended by rising geopolitical tensions and pandemic induced disruptions. To counter these risks and prepare for emerging challenges, manufacturers have embarked on a transformation journey, undertaking several key measures to instill greater resilience and boost productivity in their supply chains.

While navigating these challenges, businesses are also exploring ways to release the growing pressure on their working capital. Increasingly, industry CFOs are turning towards their supply chains to stave off liquidity concerns. Platform-based supply chain finance (SCF) solutions allow finance leaders to unlock the liquidity trapped in supply chains, besides helping improve efficiency and meet sustainability goals.

Business leaders are leveraging digital SCF platforms for three key focus areas:

Boost liquidity across value chain

With the help of SCF, industry players can optimise their working capital while plugging the liquidity gaps of their suppliers and customers – thereby increasing financial stability across the supply chain.

Enhance sales and procurement efficiency

Digital SCF platforms help reduce costs and risks associated with sub-optimal sales and procurement processes by enabling seamless integration with partners, digitalising workflows, and automating transactions.

Accelerate sustainability performance of suppliers

SCF platforms can support sustainable procurement practices by tracking the ESG performance of suppliers and thus enabling firms to offer benefits (e.g.early payments) to those partners that rank high on ESG related metrics.

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