Receivables Finance

Optimise working capital and mitigate buyer payment risk with value-added services through TASConnect

TASConnect’s digital solutions enable businesses to drive maximum value for working capital and revenue growth, by monetising receivables, mitigating buyer credit & payment risk, and enhancing collections & reconciliation.

In addition to helping establish a stable cash position, TASConnect provides a wide range of additional features for corporates to make optimal decisions and sustain long-term growth.

Examples of additional features:

Allocation (1 buyer with multiple funders): Client can allocate via TASConnect

Price discovery: closed loop price bidding among funders

Securitization*/distribution via a 3rd party marketplace

Facilitation of field survey & transaction monitoring

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How it works

  • All receivables-based deal structures can be customised on the platform
  • Workflows such as Maker-checker, reconciliation, sounding checks etc. can be built-in
  • Funder-agnostic, and no funds flow via TASConnect
  • Advanced business intelligence is provided
  • Full visibility & control of programmes across funders, buyer entities and buyer groups


  • Improve working capital ratios and enhance balance sheet efficiency by early conversion of receivables to cash
  • Increase liquidity via bank-agnostic funding source & marketplace
  • Reduce financing & operating cost through digital price discovery and straight-through-processing
  • Mitigate buyer credit risk via non-recourse structure and real-time transaction monitoring
  • Enhance efficiencies with Banks for field survey, sounding checks, monitoring etc
  • Improve visibility on financing, collections & reconciliation
  • Better financing planning and forecasting via advanced business intelligence




Frictionless Finance:

Technology Sector

‘Frictionless Finance’ is a series of strategic point-of-views commissioned by TASConnect and prepared by PwC Singapore.

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